Text Box:     Super Alloy Technologies Co.,Ltd. operates its business, manufacturing Golf heads and grips, based on qualified administrative systems which meet the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard, the provision of the law, any other related requirements, and our customers expectations. The Company fully realizes that the client satisfaction is regarded as a significant factor and is an indicator of the company’s progress. Therefore, personnel at all levels of the organization should realize this fact and perform their duties effectively in order to achieve the agreed objectives, goals and develop a sense of client satisfaction.

  	The Company has organized various activities, which are systematically related to steps of the qualified administrative system.  As a result, the Company has been able to indicate the needs and expectations of its clients, both currently and futuristically.  In addition, this information has become helpful in setting the measurable quality objectives that can be evaluated and also used for continuously reviewing and improving the quality management system of the company.

 		 The Company will communicate with all personnel within the organization thoroughly and provide suitable training for personnel to reach the quality objectives stipulated. It will also encourage personnel at all levels to participate in the quality management system activities that will eventually create an effective system and client satisfaction.

(Mr. Suraporn Simakulthorn) 
Managing Director

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Text Box: Quality Policy

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