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SAT- Super Alloy Technologies was founded in 1989 with its original name; Techtronics International Limited, an Australian owned corporation in Lamphun, Thailand. Techtronics International Limited – TIL, was one of only a few Aluminum golf head manufacturer in the region, and supplied major OEM golf brands such as Spalding Golf and Lynx Golf.  Later on, the golf industry evolved and Titanium was introduced to the market as a favoured material for drivers and fairway woods. Shareholders of TIL felt that by achieving advanced development with Titanium will keep TIL competitive in the industry, so they decided to establish an advance Titanium R & D laboratory in Melbourne Australia as Super Alloy Technologies. Since SAT (Australia) was established, TIL in Lamphun, Thailand also moved into Titanium golf head finishing house, while SAT (Australia) handled all design, development, component manufacturing and marketing.


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The industry has welcomed Titanium golf-heads development from SAT (Australia) and TIL, and both companies were doing well throughout various development programs.  Our OEM customers included Callaway, Ping, Taylormade, Adams and Cobra. SAT’s (Australia) success caught the attention of one of Australia’s investment banks – Macquarie Bank - and they became the major shareholder in late 1990’s. In 1995, the original shareholders of TIL were looking for Thai partnership to enhance the business as it continued to grow. They approached Kulthorn Group due to their reputation among Australian investors with such successful enterprises as Kulthorn-Kirby Public Company;  a joint-venture of Kulthron Group and Kirby Group – Australia.  Kulthorn Group acquired a 70% stake in TIL at that time. In 2004, the shape of the golf industry changed and Macquarie Bank decided to shift their investment into other industries.  Kulthorn Group was again approached and they agreed to buy all shares in both SAT (Australia) and TIL in Lamphun, so that Kulthorn Group then owned 100% of both companies in early 2005.

With various development programs still in progress, most key personnel at SAT (Australia) continued with the research and development in Melbourne Australia, while manufacturing equipment was relocated to the Northern Region Industrial Estate, Lamphun, Thailand. The management decided that with SAT’s (Australia) reputation in the golf industry, it would be better to change the name of Techtronics International Limited to become Super Alloy Technologies Company limited with the design team still supplying work from Australia.

At present, SAT is now a complete R & D and manufacturing facility all under one roof at Lamphun, Thailand. More information about SAT’s capabilities, are contained in our other pages.

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